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Anesthesia Settings Equipment Sterilization

Equipment Sterilization
usage:catheter,all kinds of medical ,surgical instrument,sneakscope
rubber product can not heat

Equipment Sterilization

(MHC sterilizing licence<2001.NO.0.0015) take the glutaraldehyde of medical class as the active ingredient which is recommended by WHO as the chief medicine for medical equipment sterilizatiio.it is compunded form many other medicine for improving disnfection speed .Equipment stericause lization has a large market because it has lots of excellences ,such as high sterilization speed ,noncorrosiveness non –spume and nontoxicity.


It has been tested that the product can kill out the HbsAg within 10min.


The product which has been added NaNo can inactivate sporangium 100% in 2h,it can inactivate sporangium 100% within 5h after being used for 14 days continuously by simulation testing


It can be used to disinfect all kinds of apparatus which can not be heated.

Using time:Disinfection20-45 min ,sterilization 10h


Caution:it is for external only

      When the product is in use ,it usually become from light to dark yellow.the product

      The product is irritative to skin.wash it immediately if your body has been touched and to to hospital if it is necessary

      Infectant or new apparatus must be cleaned and dried ,then use it to disinfect .

      Taboo if you are supersensitive to aldehyde

      Keep it shady and airtight ,2 years of useful –life.


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