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FA-N Electronic Auto-calibration Analytical Balance 200G/0.1MG

 FA-N Electronic Auto-calibration Analytical Balance
Automatic calibration
Built-in calibration yards

FA-N Electronic Auto-calibration Analytical Balance 200G/0.1MG



1,Novel structure, downy LCD backlit, convenient operation, superior performance

2,Auto fault detection, and to ensure the safe use of the product

3,As solenoid style weighing transducer, and to ensure the products of precise and accurate weighting degree

4,Built-in RS232 output interface, and was able to connect with computer, printer and other external coupled device

5,Products with count, percentage, unit conversion, below weighing and various applications

6,Auto-calibration. With outside adjust poise, pressing CAL key to calibrate the balance automatically

7,Press the key TARE to tare the load in full range

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