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Skin Disinfectant

 skin disinfectant

skin disinfectant


 (MHC sterilizing licence<2004>no.0617) is a lind of disinfectant containing 2.8g/L-3.2G/L of chlorhexidine acelate as the active .ingredlient ,it is also compunded from ethanol ,glycerin and many other medicines for improving disinfectos  efficacy ,it can be widely used to disinfect skin,wound and infect mucous membrane with it is diluted solution.

It has been tested that the product can inactivate candida albicans >99.99%,inactivate pscudomonas acruginosa and staphy lococcus aurcus >99.999% within 1min .the dilution in a proportion of 1:10 can inactivate gonococcus >99.9999% within 5min.

 The product has 3 characteristics :colorless ,high ,disinfection speed and good efficiency ,it is appointed as one of skin disinfoctants in Disinfecting technical statute published by ministry of health of the people republic of china.

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