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MedicaL adhesive plaster

 medical adhesive plaster
woven clot to skin
used in fasten the injecting needle
pipe of transfusion
blood station

Medical adhesive plaster


Is made form medical non woven clot to skin,,medical fusible glue ,pecled paper and absorptive pad ,it can be also made into flat adhesive tape or roll adhesive tape with no absorptive pad according to clients special requires,


The product has lots of characteritics ,such as soft ,breathy freely non irritability ,moderaterly glutnous touch cosily ,non irritative ,easy to peel off from hair.


It can be widely used to fasten the injecting needle and pipe of transfusion in hospital and blood station .the tape can only use to fasten the tail of the needle and pipe of transfusion with sick body or and other parts.



Taboo if the package is damaged.

Donot touch the absorptive pad when you use it

The product is one-off,do not use it repeatedly.

Keep it shady ,dry and airtight ,2years of useful life.

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